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Celebrating 10 Years
Celebrating 10 Years

Opportunities in Woodforest

At Woodforest, we have available commercial real estate tracts for daycares, churches, grocery stores, c-stores, and most other types of commercial development consistent with the quality of our community. 

For details about commercial real estate in Woodforest or other Johnson Development Corp. communities, please click here.


Total Acreage:  3,000 acres
Commercial Acreage Available:   90 acres
Current Commercial:
  • CVS Pharmacy 
  • Kiddie Academy
  • Children's Lighthouse  
Coming Soon:
  • United Methodist Church 
Total # of Homes at Buildout: Approximately 5,500 homes
Home Price Range:  $190's to the millions


Woodforest Development
101 Elk Trace Parkway 
Montgomery, TX 77316
Tel: 936-447-2800