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Celebrating 10 Years

Wallaroo Park

Starting construction in January 2018, Wallaroo Park will feature a Sona Play Arch, a dynamic structure that uses smart camera technology to measure the movement of those playing games using sound and movement. 

The 12.5-foot tall, 16.4-foot wide colorful arch is anchored by a play floor that features colors and numbers used in the interactive technology, all of which have increasingly difficult levels of play. Because of its size, the Sona Play Arch can also accommodate children in wheelchairs and is developed to be accessible for children with mental and physical disabilities. Developed by Yalp, the Sona Play Arch has been installed in more than 300 locations worldwide, including public park spaces, shopping malls and health centers.

Other features of Wallaroo Park include an accessible slide, spinner play pieces and LED ribbons that serve as water misters. A water bubbler with seating will be a centerpiece of a central play area that also will include bird’s nest and spider web play pieces. Appealing to children who love to climb will be a lemongrass climbing wall play set and log trunk berm climbing play pieces. A swing set, seat walls, a Walaroo monument, an open lawn and extensive landscaping complete the design of the 1-acre park.

Expected to open in the spring, Wallaroo Park will be in the newest section of the Deerbourne Ridge neighborhood. It will open when the new section debuts.