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Celebrating 10 Years


Get to Know Holly Irwin!

Meet the person who might just have the most fun job in the world — so much so, in fact, that we call Holly Irwin the Director of Fun.

Here is a sampling of what Holly does day in and day out: 

  • Organize signature events such as the Woodforest Craft Fest, Independence Day Parade, Trail of Treats and Hometown Holiday
  • Launch resident social groups such as the Book Club,Wine Club and Bunco
  • Facilitate the Merit Program, which introduces a variety of topics that children ages 5 to 12 can explore monthly
  • Host lifestyle events throughout the year that provide a backdrop for family and friends to celebrate life
  • Bring a smile to resident faces every single day

Raised in Houston, Holly Irwin has traveled the world in search of adventure, and in 2018 the former international flight attendant landed in Woodforest. Here are a few other facts about Holly: 

  • She went to Texas State University on a swimming scholarship
  • Shopping tops the list of things she likes to do, with hiking and spending time with family close behind (shopping for hiking gear with her family might be a perfect day!)
  • She’s met a host of celebrities and NFL sports stars as a flight attendant

It takes a creative, organized and engaging person to be a successful Director of Fun. Lucky for us — and our happy residents! — we have Holly Irwin!