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Meet Charlotte 

The Woodforest Moxie

I came to WOFO in 2009 as one of its early settlers and because I’ve met so many people and am out and about so much, I’ve earned the title “Woodforest Moxie,” which essentially means I’m the go-to gal for anything Woodforest. Click here for my bio!


Get the Scoop from Charlotte!

85 degrees in September? Sounds good to me!

You know, some people talk about just how hot it can be in Houston, but me? I like our weather! You can be outside all year long — except for maybe a few pesky days in January and February when the temp drops into the 40s. Read More...


A Culinary Garden of Eden

Okay, here’s a tip for all of you new WOFO residents. Eden Café, just a few miles down the road at FM 1488 and Egypt Lane is about to be your go-to restaurant for whatever you might be in the mood for. Read More...


Lily Pad Park and THE Party Pavilion

I love hosting parties. LOVE IT. But — and I bet the rest of you savvy moms and dads agree with me — I don’t always like to host 20+ excited kiddos at my house. Read More...

A Well-Deserved Shout Out to The Church at Woodforest

Maybe I’m a little jaded — it honestly takes a lot to amaze me. But without a doubt, I’ve been amazed by what The Church at Woodforest has accomplished in only about two years of existence. Read More...