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Charlotte's Take: A Well-Deserved Shout Out to The Church at Woodforest

October 02, 2017

Maybe I’m a little jaded — it honestly takes a lot to amaze me. But without a doubt, I’ve been amazed by what The Church at Woodforest has accomplished in only about two years of existence. The Sunday services are phenomenal — the Rev. Brent Parker and his crew totally transform Stewart Elementary into a place of worship each week. Don’t believe me? Check it out on YouTube!

And my family and I were so glad when they introduced a second Sunday service earlier this year. It’s refreshing to get up on Sunday morning, enjoy breakfast around the table and make it to church at 11 without having to get riled up because the kids are in snail mode.

But what I truly find amazing are the many church ministries that are serving so many people. The Men’s Ministry meets Thursdays for fellowship and Bible study. The ladies aren’t left out — two weekly gatherings are held for them, Wednesday mornings and evenings. And there are plenty of activities for children — a junior high and high school Bible study, the chance to hang out Sunday mornings (and maybe help with set up and takedown of the church) and special events during the summer. But that’s not all — the church membership has been divided into geographic neighborhoods each led by a Care Group Leader through the Neighborhood Care Ministry. Through this effort, we are able to help out in times of need with meals, visits and prayer, as well as welcome new residents and celebrate the big occasions like a new baby. (Any guesses as to which committee I’m on?)

This is a real, thriving church community — right in our own backyard. I can’t wait until they break ground on the permanent church facility, which a little birdie tells me might not be as far away as first anticipated. Word has it construction could begin as soon as next summer. I feel a “Hallelujah” coming on!

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