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Sprinkling Holiday Magic in your Home

December 05, 2017

The stockings have been hung and the tree has been decorated. Want to add even more holiday decor? Here are a few fun ideas to add some extra cheer to your home.

Getting Crafty with the Family

Let the kids go wild, hanging handmade snowflakes from every light fixture, doorway and banister. Suspend snowflakes from clear thread and tie the lines to damage-free, removable hooks.

Build your own holiday village with homemade gingerbread houses. Get the whole family involved, giving out prizes for most creative, craziest, etc. Have a child who collects miniature cars or action figures? Add them to the scene!

Windows, Doors and Staircases, Oh My!

Doors are a great place to add holiday decor. Hang a pretty wreath on the inside of your front door as well as the outside. Loving the idea of extra wreaths? Hang them from all of your interior doors! Let crafty-minded kiddos decorate their bedroom doors for added fun.

Have leftover ribbon or wrapping paper? Tie bows on door handles or cut streamers to hang from curtain rods.

A stair bannister is a great place to hang Christmas cards; tie ribbons from stair spindles and thread the ribbon through the card by using a hole punch. Another unexpected idea is to hang Christmas stockings from the bannister.

Containing Your Decor

Fill clear containers with leftover ornaments or balls and display around the house. Apothecary jars and mason jars work well for this easy craft. Let children create a hot cocoa station in the kitchen by filling clear jars with candy canes, marshmallows and sprinkles. Add some cute mugs, a jar of spoons and you’re all set!

Seasonal Selfie Savvy

Use your extra wrapping paper to create a great backdrop for selfies; hang the wrapping paper in a big square on a wall that gets good light. Place a small table nearby with props to use, such as a Santa hat, elf ears or mistletoe.

However swanky or simple your holiday style may be, adding a few new decorating ideas into the mix may just be the thing that puts the magic back into the season.

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