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Celebrating 10 Years
Celebrating 10 Years

Charlotte's Take: Oh, to be a kid again!

March 27, 2018

We’ve all wished to be a kid again at least once, right? Especially when all those adult responsibilities start weighing you down — those times when you say, “It’s okay, Mom will do the laundry/dishes/take out garbage” — and then you realize YOU are Mom.

Well, when Woodforest hosts fun 21-and-up events such as the recent casino night — it was fabulous! — you’re sorta glad to be an adult.

And then Director of Fun Tori Whelan sends out another email about the Lifestyle Merit program and you go right back to wanting to be a kid again.

I mean, these programs are really fun! Kids ages 5 to 12 get the chance to learn about all kinds of things — gardening, geology, photography and so much more. And it’s not the “sit at a table and open a book” kind of learning. These kids actually get to get their hands dirty (figuratively and literally — sometimes you have to make sure they wear old clothes).

The program is hosted once a month. Already, my kiddos have learned about sign language, self-defense and yoga, which my little Zen master took to so well, she is correcting my Sun Salutation and saying, “Namaste” every time I ask her to make her bed. Coming up in April is a focus on sports, with little ones trying their hand at golf, tennis and basketball. And I LOVE the fact that the program throws in a few charitable and earth-saving components for our future Citizens of the World.

You know what else I love? The fact that all of this happens right here in our own neighborhood. Now THAT has merit.

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