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Celebrating 10 Years

How to Have the Best-Dressed Holiday Table

December 09, 2021

Whether it be for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or just the spirit of merriment usually felt this time of year, people are going to get together, often gathering around the table for good food and conversation.

Let the conversation begin with just how gorgeous that table is!

You can go simple or go big, use lots of color or take a minimalist approach — your dining table is a blank canvas for you to flex your creative muscle. No formal dining table? You can still use some of the following ideas to decorate other spaces around the home.

For the Fancy
Red and gold are classic go-tos for an elegant table. This elegant couple can be accented with white plates atop gold chargers and greenery along the table’s center. Candles are a must as they create a soft glow reflected in the gold hues and crystal glasses. More ideas for an elegant table can be found here.

A Whim for the Whimsical
Feeling particularly lighthearted this season? Skip the rich greens and reds and opt for softer colors. Fill candy jars with small marshmallows and — well — candy and place on the table. Small toys add the childlike ambiance. Handmade Farmhouse offers some tips on how to create a magical table.

Let Mother Nature Be Your Decorator
Natural elements look beautiful when coupled with white tablecloths and fun runners (maybe this season’s hot pattern buffalo check?). And finding those natural accents can be as easy as strolling your yard. Pick up pine cones, evergreen boughs and even branches for interesting centerpieces. Head to the kitchen for cranberries that can steady candles and oranges that can be turned into pomanders. Pinterest has many inspiring examples.

Not Your Mother’s Table
Forget overstuffed, overdressed tables of yesteryear. Aim for a modern look with a simple color palette, one- or two-element centerpiece and complementary textures. Add in one or two wow-factor features such as the tall candlesticks shown on this table by Burkatron.

But There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Mother’s Table
Let your table speak to the spirit of Christmas Past through vintage glamour. Unbox your china or head to an antique store — it’s okay if the patterns don’t match. While there, check out old ornaments that could be used in the centerpiece or as party favors. Dress up your table while staying with the vintage theme by using mercury glass. Sanctuary Home Décor and meeeganmakes.com give two different takes on a vintage table.

Hanukkah Creativity
Blue favors predominantly on a Hanukkah table — as do menorahs — but you can get creative with both. Rebekah Lowin pairs a DIY tie-dye table runner with a bouquet of white flowers and faux blue accents. The Spruce Crafts shows how to use pillar candles, jars of olive oil and more to create menorahs that could grace any table or surface.

A Colorful, Joyous Kwanzaa
Let your table reflect the true spirit of Kwanzaa with plenty of the traditional reds, greens, and blacks. Let a colorful Kinara be your centerpiece and incorporate fruit in your table setting as a nod to the word “Kwanzaa,” which is derived from a Swahili phrase that means “first fruits of the harvest.” Straw placemats are commonly used as they represent reverence for tradition. Make sure to have ample room on the table for plenty of dishes to be served during the Karamu feast on the last day of Kwanzaa. More information is available here.

Whatever your table theme, the one thing that will definitely make it better is if it’s in a new home! See what’s available now or visit with our builders to discuss building a new home from the ground up.

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How to Have the Best-Dressed Holiday Table